Saturday, May 10, 2014

May so far

Hello again.

I've decided not to post many - in some measure it just distracts my attention from the main thing which is grinding (from the professional point of view). And in some measure I'm at the crossroads now - had to choose again the most comfortable discipline / stakes for me.

I will post here mainly for my own motivation and for marking some milestones in career. Since May I've started to mix up regular and zoom NL50 tables for better winrate, so here are the results:

There is a little disappointed volume on regular tables but it's really nice to play 95% hands with fish, I've become disaccustomed to it )

I plan to go NL100 on regular tables in June. Not sure about zoom pool - there are very tough reg battles on it, probably staying at NL50 would be better for $/hour for now

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