Saturday, May 10, 2014

May so far

Hello again.

I've decided not to post many - in some measure it just distracts my attention from the main thing which is grinding (from the professional point of view). And in some measure I'm at the crossroads now - had to choose again the most comfortable discipline / stakes for me.

I will post here mainly for my own motivation and for marking some milestones in career. Since May I've started to mix up regular and zoom NL50 tables for better winrate, so here are the results:

There is a little disappointed volume on regular tables but it's really nice to play 95% hands with fish, I've become disaccustomed to it )

I plan to go NL100 on regular tables in June. Not sure about zoom pool - there are very tough reg battles on it, probably staying at NL50 would be better for $/hour for now

Friday, April 11, 2014

2 + 2

I've also recently started the new thread at 2+2 forum "Poker Goals & Challenges".

You can check it out right here:

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Some pretty hands )

Usual steal vs reg, nothing special

I like this hand. His sizing on the turn uniquely tells us that he never has strong hand in this spot. Set or strong ace always would bet x3 or more on such board to defend from draws => we realise that he has exactly draw. Then comfortable call on blank river.

Usual fishy guy - had 5/5 bets incl.donks on river for that moment. On the flop he already told me that he hadn't Q => easy river call.

Lucky fish, lucky fish! The call is crystal clean by odds :)

Hand special for ILUVTHRILL ;)

The spot vs reg who can think. On the turn I had "Queen defends from draws", on river I continue with "Queen afraids to bet too much and hopes to get calls from TPs or two pairs" :)

First day at NL100 in this year - the pot with two SNE )) I hadn't much stats at them for that moment - so by default put danny some premium hand. On the river I wanted to trap him - bet less than half-pot to show "fear of straight" and gave him chance for stack-bluff  (then would be call with set), but he didn't buy this - sad. 

Villain 30/11 - he didn't float on the flop, so we already don't believe in king. Opp has high CBet and Af stats on the river, I don't see other value-hands except king (he would check QQ and less pocket, because of kings and 2s) => missed draws left.

Don't be afraid to tell your price ;)

Usually I don't make such OOP-calls of 3bet, but tired of reraises from this villain.

Lol, he used to be a shortstack before PS actions to them. In 3Bet-pots this guy has 33% flop+turn folds and 22% flop+turn raises. I don't see any reason to check-raise Q or full-house on the turn in this spot. A fortiori I don't believe in 33/99 with his stats. In my opinion the better plan with these hands - to take value on the turn and to donk river or to shove in the turn at once to represent some draw.

I like this hand too. Squeezer is reg, second guy - fish 32/1. On the preflop I realised that he tries to isolate Vasilien, so the range there must be a little wider than usually => easy value-call. On the flop I nevertheless looked at PT4 notetracker - it showes me his squeeze-range JJ+;AK - damn)) I think that flop-call already was a little mistake. Turn+river checks told me that he awares of ace, so he probably had QQ-KK..... Decided to represent an ace by myself )) Reg obediently folded, I didn't aware of ace from second guy - range is too wide.. even if he calls - my JJ would be strong often enough.

BumBumRalle - nit, his range from UTG is veeery tight - so QJx flop probably was the worst ever for my KK. AA he would 4bet preflop, so KK(1 hand lol),QQ-JJ;AK - the most likely for his range.  After my check he didn't bet on superwet flop, so I excluded sets from his range. AK is left - I decided to bet turn. He is too nit to catch gutshot+overcards and folded.

Tight 3bettor, UTG+1 vs UTG, notetracker says about QQ+;AK... My sense didn't betray me.

Good fold by me as I think. Villain is tight and had 0/7 turn raises at that moment - so I excluded KQ from his range(too passive and only one Q left). The main thing - only six 77/99 hands left (besides, sets 77 and 99 he could raise already on the flop), with sixteen JT hands in his range. I called turn for full-house(22%), missed river... Sick, but had to fold then :)

At the end - my april so far:

Good luck, see you at the tables ;)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April, did you start?

First work day (night? ;) ) in April.
Ran pretty awesome, fishy regs were yummy too.....

Nice beginning by me, will see how it continues :)

Monday, March 31, 2014

March review

A little swings at the end of month, tilt and spew, so the winrate could be better... Will work hard in April.

March NL50, how it was:

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Introducing myself

Sooo, here it is, hello, everyone )

My name is Evgeny, I'm 27 years old. I currently live in Samara, Russian Federation. In this blog I'm planning to write about some poker stuff and relative things that could be interesting for regs (especially playing such limits as I am).

I've started playing poker as full-time pro at 2012 at iPoker network. For now I play FR-zoom tables at Pokerstars(NL50 usually, sometimes try to shot at NL100).

The whole 2013 year I used freaky nit style at 8 zoom tables NL25-NL50. From february 2014 I have drastically changed the way of playing and have started to think really deep about every hand and decision - so here are the results (feel myself really comfortable at the tables now):

February+March (until current date)

So far I play only 4 zoom tables (NL50). But I'm still planning to increase count to 8 (when all my decisions at the tables will become to automatic mode, lol :) for now it's not). Also in my plans moving to NL100 and 6max discipline - each in it's time, comfortable for me.

So, I really want to share experience with you guys. In my turn, I will try to regularly post some interesting hands and spots.

Best of luck, meet you at the tables ;)